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How can physical therapy help you?

A physical therapist can evaluate your condition and identify the source of your discomfort or dysfunction. Once evaluated, the therapist can develop a treatment program that will involve some form of manual therapy, exercise, modalities if needed to treat the problem areas, as well as instruction in a home exercise program.

What does a physical therapist do?

According to the “Guide for Physical therapy”, Physical therapists perform the following functions:

  • Diagnose and manage movement dysfunctions and enhance physical and functional abilities.
  • Restore, maintain and promote not only optimal physical function but optimal wellness and fitness and optimal quality of life as it relates to movement and health.
  • Prevent the onset, symptoms, and progression or impairments, functional limitations and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions or injuries.
Do I need a referral from my doctor before I can see a Physical therapist?

Yes. Insurance companies require you to get a prescription from your doctor if you intend for insurance to cover the cost of your visit unless you pay privately out-of-pocket.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
  • Your insurance card(s)
  • Your drivers license
  • Prescription for Physical therapy from your doctor
  • Any recent X-Ray or MRI reports you may have
  • Comfortable clothing that you can move around in
What happens during my first visit?

Your first visit you will meet with our Licensed Physical therapist who will complete an initial examination as well as give you your first treatment. During your evaluation, the therapist will discuss the following:

  • Your medical history
  • Your current problems/complaints
  • Your current pain intensity, what aggravates or eases the problem?
  • How your current problem is impacting your daily activities
  • Your goals for Physical therapy
  • All medications, past tests and procedures related to your health
Do you accept no fault/workman’s compensation?

Yes we do.